Technology Careers List

Technology is one of the most promising career paths that you can decide to pursue today. There are so many technology startups that have come up and the trend is likely to continue in future as technology continues to evolve. Graduates with technology related degrees will therefore be in high demand in future. There are [...]

The Best Dash Cam

A Dash cam is simply an onboard camera attached to a car/vehicle’s interior using two-sided tape or a suction-cup mount. Dash cams are used to continuously record details of the road ahead when the vehicle is in motion or it is being driven on the roadway. Apart from recording weekend trips and holidays, capturing scenic routes [...]

types of electron microscopes

The Different Types of Electron Microscopes

A scientific instrument that uses the electron beams to study an object or specimen to generate a large image is called as an electron microscope (EM). These types of microscopes focus the electron beam on an object by using electromagnetic coils instead of glass lenses since the electrons are not capable of passing through the [...]

types of light microscopes

The Different Types of Light Microscopes

A microscope is probably the most well-know and well-used research tool in biology and its related disciplines. Generally they are classified into several different classes based on what interacts with sample under study to generate the desired visible image. For instance, there are three types of microscopes such as optical microscopes (light microscope or compound [...]

types of microscopes

The Different Types of Microscopes

The invention of the microscope has brought about great inventions that have transformed the human race. This device is effective and very important in science because it provides opportunity for scientist to study natural elements that are not visible to the naked eye. There are different types of microscopes depending on the purpose for which [...]

types of laptop computers

The Different Types of Laptops

A laptop is a versatile, small and portable computer that gives people access to internet browsing and files from any location. Types of laptop computers differ according to functionality, weight and price. The following are the most common types of laptop computers. These types of laptops have a joint between the keyboard and the display [...]

types of computers

The Different Types of Computers

A computer is one of the greatest inventions of man and it has seen many changes in functions, memory space, size and portability. What makes the computer an extraordinary apparatus is its ability to store and process a massive amount of information, which is used to perform various technical tasks or even help create other [...]

types of computer viruses

The Different Types of Computer Viruses

A computer virus is a program designed to harm or cause harm on an infected computer. Its spreads through e-mail attachments, portable devices, websites containing malicious scripts and file downloads. A computer virus attaches itself to the host files and always activate whenever you open the infected files. The virus can replicate itself and then [...]

types of hybrid cars

The Different Types of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have grown into some of the most popular cars that people use nowadays. Numerous persons purchase them, including celebrities, the wealthy and politicians. These are vehicles that utilize two power sources for moving the vehicle, sometimes more. There are basically four types of hybrid cars. The first type is a parallel hybrid car. [...]

types of electric cars

The Different Types of Electric Cars

About electric cars, someone once said that they are much less cumbersome than regular cars. Their motor is smaller and the battery is below! What’s more, such cars give you the freedom to play with design and create innovative shapes. Electric cars are exciting automobiles propelled by one or more electric motors. The electrical energy [...]


A List of the Different Types of Cars

All cars are categorized into certain classifications for the purpose of taxation and for describing the type of vehicle that has been designed. Classification categories are abstract or vague because many different vehicles can be placed into various categories and many organizations develop classification criteria for different reasons. Even though classifying cars is sometimes not [...]

types of software testing

The Different Types of Software Testing

Software testing refers to a procedure that is done to evaluate software item mainly to see if there are any differences between input and the expected output. Testing is also done to assess software’s quality. The software testing process is best done at the time of developing the system. Simply put, software testing is both [...]

types of antivirus software

The Different Types of Antivirus Software

Understanding the differences between antivirus, firewalls, anti-spyware, and the various combination packages is essential to keeping any computer safe from threats and minimize interference into the work flow of the user. The computer threats include the following; viruses, spyware, malware, browser hijacking, rootkits, and phishing and redirect schemes. Below are the various types of antivirus [...]

The 10 Best STEM Careers

Education in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is considered indispensible for a modern citizen. No wonder STEM is touted as the hottest topic across the globe. The nation’s dynamic growth and economic prosperity is closely associated with every student’s success in the STEM field. STEM careers are in high demand these days [...]

types of computers

The Different Types of Desktop Computers

Desktop computers have been in the market for quite a long time now and have evolved tremendously over the same period. The evolution has paved way for these computers to be manufactured in a number of configurations both for office and home use. If you are in the market for a desktop therefore, you will [...]

What Is STEM?

Basically STEM is an academic field in higher learning. It consists of four core subjects. The subjects are, science, technology engineering and mathematics. Any degree in these four subjects grouped as STEM is therefore referred to as a STEM degree. The modern world is in dire need of STEM degree graduates. New institutions are being [...]

STEM Majors List

Below, you will find a current list of the available STEM Majors as of 2014. Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Animal Sciences Agricultural Animal Breeding Animal Health Animal Nutrition Dairy Science Livestock Management Poultry Science Animal Sciences Food Science Food Technology and Processing Food Science and Technology Plant Sciences Agronomy and Crop Science Horticultural Science Agricultural [...]

A List of the Different Types of Bridges

In recent years, bridges are just structures used for sight-seeing. A bridge is just something that gets people, animals and vehicles from point A to point B. But bridges have that ability of fulfilling man’s insatiable need to discover what else is out there, making them one of our most important architectural inventions. Here are [...]

computer hardware tower and monitor

How To Build Your Own Computer: Hardware Overview

Computers might seem complicated for average users. Opening up a case will reveal a plethora of cables of different sizes and shapes, components that go into other components, coolers and other parts that make it all seem very complicated. This inconvenient aspect forces simple users to shop for brand computers that come already assembled. Truth [...]

polymerase chain reaction PCR

What is a PCR Machine?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, which is often used in biological and chemical labs. A thermal cycler, or PCR machine, has the ability to produce DNA copies of a specific segment that can range from thousands to millions in numbers. (Learn More: What Is The Polymerase Chain Reaction?) This machine, also called a DNA [...]