types of wild cats - lion

A List of the Different Types of Wild Cats

Wild cats are arguably the most dynamic animals. They are beautiful but deadly and their pace, grace and skill make them one of the most majestic creatures. Wild cats can be found in groups known as prides or be found stalking their terrains as stealthy loners. There are basically 36 types of wild cats and [...]

types of big cats - tiger

A List of the Different Types of Big Cats

‘Big cats’ is a term used to refer to the larger members of the feline family. Although this term distinguishes these larger felines from the smaller ones, it is not a recognized biological classification. There are different genera listed under big cats. All big cats fall under the category of “wild cats” but not all [...]

types of porpoises

The Different Types of Porpoises

Porpoises are members of family phocoenidae and are unique type of cetacean. They are small animals since no species grows more than eight feet. They have spade-shaped teeth, blunt snouts and robust bodies. Many porpoises are shy and most species are not well-known. Below is a list of the porpoise types. Harbor porpoise Vaquita or [...]

types of river dolphins

Types of River Dolphins

River dolphins are known to thrive in fresh water contrary to any people’s perception of dolphin’s habitat. They are generally of four species that vary in size depending on their residence. Some are known to grow up to 8 feet long. However, most of them are smaller in size. The variation is not just in [...]

types of dolphins

The Different Types of Dolphins

There are more than 40 types of dolphins. Dolphins types are grouped into 2 categories Oceanic dolphins River dolphins Melon-Headed Whale - Despite their name, these “whales” are dolphins. They are also known as mask and are rather gray in color and have a dark grey face. They are called melon-headed since their head is round-shaped. [...]

types of birds

A List of The Different Types of Birds

Birds are feathered, bipedal, winged, egg laying, warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Aves. Research findings demonstrate that there are over ten thousand various species of birds across the world. From varied communication skills, size, shape, colors, diet and feeding requirements, to types of flight, these-creatures-are-nothing-short-of-marvel. This article takes you through different types of birds [...]

types of birds of prey bald eagle

The Different Types of Birds of Prey

The cycle of life allows for the birds of prey to feed on other birds, vertebrates as well as invertebrates for survival. Birds of prey which are also known as raptors can be easily distinguished by various characteristics that they portray; wing shape, color and size among many other features. Birds of prey are well [...]

types of whales

A List of the Different Types of Whales

There are many different types of whales, and they fall into two suborders of the order, Cetacea. These categories are “toothed whales” and “baleen whales.” Baleen whales are the types most recognized as  traditional whales, while the toothed whale family contains not only some types of whales, but dolphins, and porpoises as well. Here you [...]

Types of Diurnal Owls

As you might know, most types of owls are nocturnal. There are also many crepuscular owls, meaning they are active during twilight. Diurnal owls are a pretty exclusive category though, as there are only three truly diurnal owls, the Northern Pygmy Owl, the Northern Hawk Owl, and the Snowy Owl. The Northern Pygmy Owl The [...]

A List of the Different Types of Owls

Owls are a type of bird that is bird of much interest and has been for some time. They are often associated with wisdom which dates back to ancient Greece where the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, was often depicted or symbolized as an owl. Owls are often considered to be a bad omen as well, [...]

5 Popular Owl Types

It is widely accepted in the scientific world that there are around Two hundred and sixteen (216) species of owls in the world. They are basically divided into two major families the Tyotonidae family with 18 species and the Stigidae family with 198 species. Owls are predatory birds with large eyes and acute hearing ability; [...]

types of animal testing

The Different Types of Animal Testing

Animals often find a place in our homes as pets. They are funny and give us a good time. People benefit from the animals in many other ways also. However, in the scientific world animals are primarily used for laboratory testing purposes. Animal studies are routinely conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of medicinal [...]