polymerase chain reaction PCR

What Is The Polymerase Chain Reaction?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a revolutionary method used to analyze and amplify short DNA (or RNA) sequences in a sample with small quantities of RNA or DNA. PCR amplifies the selected sequence of DNA segment producing millions of copies within a few hours. Initially, DNA or RNA amplification involved cloning the selected segment using [...]

What Is ATP Testing?

ATP testing is used for measuring the growing microorganisms by using adenosine triphosphate, or ATP for their detection. ATP is an energy molecule found in living cells, which gives a direct measure of their health and biological concentration. ATP can be quantified by using a luminometer for measuring the light produced through its reaction with [...]

ATP Testing Kits

Hygiene monitoring is critical when it comes to HACCP compliance. It is common for industries like prepared and processed foods, beverage and dairy to enroll in a HACCP program. Without proper hygiene monitoring by using atp testing kits or other means, there could be many quality issues. A manufacturing company in any of the aforementioned [...]

Is Distilled Water Safe To Drink?

You're wondering - is distilled water safe to drink?  The short answer is yes - drinking distilled water is safe.  There's a bit of confusion surrounding this type of water, so let's go ahead and clear some things up. It seems one of the reasons against drinking distilled water is that it doesn't have any [...]

Density of Water

As with anything, the density of water is dependent upon temperature.  The odd thing about liquid water is that when its temperature is lowered to the point of becoming a solid it actually becomes less dense.  You may have heard of this solid substance - it's called ice.  You may have also noticed that ice [...]

World Water Day Highlights the Importance of Clean Water

In 1992 the United Nations declared March 22nd World Water Day.  The first World Water day was observed in 1993.  Each year the UN uses World Water Day to call to attention a specific aspect of water conservation and the importance of water.  This year the theme is "Clean Water for a Healthy World." Access [...]

The Importance of Water

Every living organism needs water to survive. Plants need water to make food. All animals depend on plants for food either directly or indirectly. Therefore without water, all life forms will cease to exist. With the ever increasing population, water is becoming a scarce commodity. To worsen this situation, the few available sources of water [...]

The Importance of Water To Life

The importance of water can't be overstated when it comes to life on Earth.  Over 70% of the Earth is covered in water, and without water there simply is no life.  There are many life forms that can live with very little water, but nothing living on Earth exists without water.  A fluid is needed [...]