Technology Careers List

Technology is one of the most promising career paths that you can decide to pursue today. There are so many technology startups that have come up and the trend is likely to continue in future as technology continues to evolve. Graduates with technology related degrees will therefore be in high demand in future. There are [...]

A List of Careers for Math Majors

If you are considering earning a degree in mathematics, the next question is: what can you do with a degree in mathematics? Here is a basic list of careers for math majors. Financial analysts review the financial sheets of businesses to estimate their future earnings, study macroeconomic trends to project the business’ future earnings and [...]

The Best Dash Cam

A Dash cam is simply an onboard camera attached to a car/vehicle’s interior using two-sided tape or a suction-cup mount. Dash cams are used to continuously record details of the road ahead when the vehicle is in motion or it is being driven on the roadway. Apart from recording weekend trips and holidays, capturing scenic routes [...]

The 10 Best STEM Careers

Education in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is considered indispensible for a modern citizen. No wonder STEM is touted as the hottest topic across the globe. The nation’s dynamic growth and economic prosperity is closely associated with every student’s success in the STEM field. STEM careers are in high demand these days [...]

What Is STEM?

Basically STEM is an academic field in higher learning. It consists of four core subjects. The subjects are, science, technology engineering and mathematics. Any degree in these four subjects grouped as STEM is therefore referred to as a STEM degree. The modern world is in dire need of STEM degree graduates. New institutions are being [...]

STEM Majors List

Below, you will find a current list of the available STEM Majors as of 2014. Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Animal Sciences Agricultural Animal Breeding Animal Health Animal Nutrition Dairy Science Livestock Management Poultry Science Animal Sciences Food Science Food Technology and Processing Food Science and Technology Plant Sciences Agronomy and Crop Science Horticultural Science Agricultural [...]

computer hardware tower and monitor

How To Build Your Own Computer: Hardware Overview

Computers might seem complicated for average users. Opening up a case will reveal a plethora of cables of different sizes and shapes, components that go into other components, coolers and other parts that make it all seem very complicated. This inconvenient aspect forces simple users to shop for brand computers that come already assembled. Truth [...]

polymerase chain reaction PCR

What Is The Polymerase Chain Reaction?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a revolutionary method used to analyze and amplify short DNA (or RNA) sequences in a sample with small quantities of RNA or DNA. PCR amplifies the selected sequence of DNA segment producing millions of copies within a few hours. Initially, DNA or RNA amplification involved cloning the selected segment using [...]

What Is ATP Testing?

ATP testing is used for measuring the growing microorganisms by using adenosine triphosphate, or ATP for their detection. ATP is an energy molecule found in living cells, which gives a direct measure of their health and biological concentration. ATP can be quantified by using a luminometer for measuring the light produced through its reaction with [...]

ATP Testing Kits

Hygiene monitoring is critical when it comes to HACCP compliance. It is common for industries like prepared and processed foods, beverage and dairy to enroll in a HACCP program. Without proper hygiene monitoring by using atp testing kits or other means, there could be many quality issues. A manufacturing company in any of the aforementioned [...]

polymerase chain reaction PCR

What is a PCR Machine?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, which is often used in biological and chemical labs. A thermal cycler, or PCR machine, has the ability to produce DNA copies of a specific segment that can range from thousands to millions in numbers. (Learn More: What Is The Polymerase Chain Reaction?) This machine, also called a DNA [...]

Is Distilled Water Safe To Drink?

You're wondering - is distilled water safe to drink?  The short answer is yes - drinking distilled water is safe.  There's a bit of confusion surrounding this type of water, so let's go ahead and clear some things up. It seems one of the reasons against drinking distilled water is that it doesn't have any [...]

Density of Water

As with anything, the density of water is dependent upon temperature.  The odd thing about liquid water is that when its temperature is lowered to the point of becoming a solid it actually becomes less dense.  You may have heard of this solid substance - it's called ice.  You may have also noticed that ice [...]

3 DIY Computer Project Ideas

We can all agree that DIY projects call for artistry and practicality. Likewise, this kind of project inspires you to come up with your own plans and apply your mental fortitude. Not just that, you’re also required to employ some elbow grease, but the end of the day, you can feel proud of yourself as [...]

DIY Computer Desk Build

There are numerous benefits to building your very own computer desk. 1st, it’s much cheaper than purchasing one. You may also get your desk to fit in the right space. You can also make sure it is a desk which fits your body well so you do not get any back or neck problems or [...]

The Importance of Drinking Water

We take advantage of our access clean drinking water. Most of us go to the faucet and get a glass of clean fresh water several times a day and never give the first thought to the importance of water. We have become so accustomed to having it, we rarely think about what our lives would [...]

The Importance of Water Conservation

Everyday in America we waste billions of gallons of water with no regard to the fact that in many other people in countries across the globe, would fight to have the water that we waste. People here do not understand the importance of water conservation. If we had to drink the water that some people [...]

The Importance of Water in Your Diet

The importance of water is obvious; it's just about everywhere, and it's in every living thing. Water is an important part of your diet because it helps the body perform specific metabolic tasks that your body goes through every day. First off, water is important for the regulation of body temperature. As you know, you're [...]

World Water Day Highlights the Importance of Clean Water

In 1992 the United Nations declared March 22nd World Water Day.  The first World Water day was observed in 1993.  Each year the UN uses World Water Day to call to attention a specific aspect of water conservation and the importance of water.  This year the theme is "Clean Water for a Healthy World." Access [...]

The Importance of Water

Every living organism needs water to survive. Plants need water to make food. All animals depend on plants for food either directly or indirectly. Therefore without water, all life forms will cease to exist. With the ever increasing population, water is becoming a scarce commodity. To worsen this situation, the few available sources of water [...]